Shing appointed Director of VKS

Minister Warsal (Right) officially appointed Mr Shing (center) as VKS Director and witnessed by acting DJ Pacco Siri

Fern Napwatt

The Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta (VKS) has a new board and director.

The Minister of Justice and Community Services, Ronald Warsal, has officially handed Richard Shing his appointment letter as the new director of VKS and the appointment of the VKS council, yesterday afternoon at the VKS premises.

In his official address, Mr Warsal announced the new Vanuatu National Kaljoral Council.

“We have witnessed the handing over of the former board to the new board of VKS and i want to acknowledged the former board for the work they did and at the same welcome the new board,” he said.

“The new board was chosen according to their expertise in cultural heritage matters and their independence in the Institution- many of them have experience in cultural issues and they will bring new plans and ideas to build the Cultural Centre.”

The following people were appointed as members of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council for a period of 3 years commencing August 24 2017 to August 24 2020 according to paragraph (3) (1)(a) of the VNCC Act (CAP 186).

“Joseph Willie, representative of the MOJCS, Senimau Tirsupe, representative of the National Council of Chiefs, Jenny Ligo- National Council of Women representative, Evelyn Bulegih, representative of VKS, Kalopa Malang Kalpukai and Kavcor Wass as members.”

Mr Warsal then formalized the appointment Mr Shing as the new director of VKS after the former director was suspended.

“This is to confirm that Mr Shing was appointed as the new director after his application met the criteria for a qualified person to take up this position,” he said.

“Mr Shing has been working with VKS and comes with years of experience with this institution- a young talented person that will take up the reins and meet the works ahead at VKS.”

Shing has acknowledged the ministry for the support in taking the position as the director and stated that there are a lot of works that needed to be done still.

“I look forward to working with the ministry and development partners to make sure VKS’s plan to have a cultural centre in all provinces of Vanuatu will come true,” he said.

“I will try to the best of my ability to promote the diverse culture of Vanuatu.”

Mr Shing is an Archaeologist by profession, he has been working with VKS for 17 years and has been on an acting position since April after the former director was suspended.

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