SHEFA ECCE Association formed

Early childhood teachers from SHEFA formed their ECCE Association during their 3-days conference at Freswota School in Port Vila

SHEFA Province now has an early childhood association to support quality early learning.

The SHEFA Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) was established following a 3-day conference for early childhood teachers this week.

Held at the Freswota Bilingual School in Port Vila, the conference brought together early childhood trainers from over 100 ECCE institutions in Shefa to talk about improving early education standard.

Participants came from all 13 ECCE area associations in the province. Teacher training and resources including community support were highlighted as some of the obstacles hindering the development of early learning.

Resolutions were identified to solve the challenges.

Shefa’s ECCE and Special Education Coordinator, Jack Morris, said the conference is also part of preparing early childhood teachers as the government is shifting focus to mainstream early learning.

“The newly established SHEFA ECCE Association must work very closely with SHEFA Principals’s Association to address the needs of early educators and ensure that are included on government payroll.

“This was one of the resolutions from the conference including increasing community engagement.

“We are also encouraging them (ECCE trainers) to obtain further training and qualifications once Teacher’s College begin offering courses as required by the government,” said Morris.

The ECCE Provincial Coordinator’s Conference on Santo last year agreed for each provinces to organised ECCE Teacher Conference. Also, for each province to form their own ECCE Associations by 2020.

SHEFA ECCE Teacher Conference is facilitated by the Shefa Education Board.

The Principal Education Officer (PEO) of Shefa Education Office, Jonathan Tarip, said they want to ensure that the quality of early childhood is improved, including teacher education.

The formation of the SHEFA ECCE follows the establishment of similar associations in SANMA and PENAMA.

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