Sewing machines for Presbyterian mamas

Sewing machines, calico and threads from IWG to Port Vila’s PWMU

The International Women’s Group (IWG) has donated 16 sewing machines, fabrics and threads worth almost Vt600,000 to the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union (PWMU) branches in Port Vila.

The donation will support unemployed PWMU members who are meeting their children’s school fees and family needs through sewing, said IWG President, Chintana Koyama.

These sewing machines will help members earn an income, said the former President of the Port Vila PWMU Session.

“We made the request because there was a huge need. I want to thank IWG for responding positively to the needs of our members”, she added.

This is not the first time for IWG to provide sewing machines to women in Port Vila. IWD donated sewing machines to the Teouma PWMU Branch before but some were damaged during cyclone Pam.

Since its establishment 30 years ago, IWG has been raising funds to support women empowerment throughout Vanuatu. Apart from churches, it also provided donations to communities, schools and hospitals.

IWG President Koyama thanked the members of the public and the business community for their continuous support to IWG through fundraising.

The money raised through those fundraising events is used to fund projects and donations for communities, she said.

One of their famous fundraising event is the annual food festival which is happening this year again in Port Vila on June 29.

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