Investor Sugimoto amazed at avocado fruit saying it is expensive in Japan

Japanese prominent investor with a string of coffee shops in Japan, Jun Sugimoto, could not believe his eyes when he was shown an avocado tree with young avocados on a farm this week.

It was his first time to see an avocado tree.

He was amazed that here is a tree that is growing wild at Teouma while it is a luxurious item in supermarkets in his country.

“It is every expensive in Japan," he said as he touched an avocado fruit with admiration.

“Is this an avocado tree?”, he asked while pointing to a small pawpaw tree.

“No, this is what a small pawpaw tree looks like”, the ni Vanuatu farmer replied.

Sugimoto and his wife are on holiday. His main interest is Arabica coffee and how to import raw beans with a possibility of opening a Vanuatu coffee shop in Japan.

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