Principal of Lamap Catholic Mission School has petitioned the Minister of Climate Change on his recent visit to help in reconstruction efforts

By Anita Roberts

Lamap Catholic School that was destroyed by cyclone Pam was not included in the national rehabilitation plans, said Principal Meltaras Charley.

It’s already been two years since the cyclone and the remote school with limited finance is struggling to rebuild.

The boys and girls’ dormitories, including the dining hall are badly damaged and unfit for operation.

The head of the school in south Malekula took the opportunity during the visit of the Minister of Climate Change, Ham Lini, to voice their concern.

Minister Lini was on the island to launch the automated weather station.

Principal Charley took the opportunity to petition the minister to provide 3 tonnes of cement for the school’s dining hall reconstruction.

Your assistance will ease the burden put on parents and guardians for cooking for the boarding students, the principal told Minister Lini.

The minister, after receiving the petition in an envelop, responded positively.

He announced that the Ministry of Climate Change, through its Vanuatu Coastal Rehabilitation Project (VCAP) will provide 3 tonnes of cement to ensure the school could start accommodating its boarding students again.

He assured the principal, teachers and students present that on his return to Port Vila he will take their petition to the ministry responsible for schools, which is the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

The Daily Post understands that the MoET begun to roll out reconstruction program last year, starting off in the cyclone worst affected Tafea Province and then extending to other islands.

Nearly 400 students are attending Lamap Catholic Mission School; 140 in secondary and 380 in kindergarten and primary.

The students of Lamap were part of the official launching of the new automated weather station and new weather station.

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