Santo must have free trade zone: Pikioune

“The island of Santo is one of the back-bone of our country’s economy.

“It has all the land for agriculture, tourism and all other economic developments for today and tomorrow’s generations,” the Vanuatu Liberal Movement President and Finance Minister, Gaetan Pikioune, told over 100 delegates at his political movement congress in Luganville yesterday.

He said what he wants to see done in tourism for Santo is to develop an economic zone whereby future hotels and tourism development will be centered, mainly hotel and tourism facilities.

In furthering tourism development in Vanuatu, the government and leaders at all levels, must be mindful of important cultural respect for the people of Vanuatu.

“We must respect our cultures, our women and children and our Christian faith and customs.

“Therefore, there is a need to centralize tourism facilities, particularly hotel accommodations.

“We need to have an economic zone in tourism for hotels.

“We want to introduce free economic zone for Santo that other provinces can follow suit,” Mr. Pikioune remarked.

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