President leads

The delegation pose for a photo with the villagers.

Harrison Selmen

The Sanma Province President, Mr. John Olo Aru decided to move out of the comfort and luxury of his office to experience the realities of living that his people in the most remote parts of Sanma Province

are experiencing each day, particularly in terms of the road conditions there.

Last week Mr. Aru led a delegation of officers from the Public Works Department, Manager, and a representative from the Ministry of Finance to visit the remotest parts of Big Bay Bush and South Santo area.

Mr. Olo told the local media that these remotest communities are the most productive ones in Sanma Province because they contribute tremendously to the local economy in terms of Agricultural production.

He said the main purpose of this visit was twofold. Firstly, to identify the main challenges these communities face every day in terms of accessing the market to sell their produce and secondly and most importantly is to allow the road engineers and experts to see and assess the conditions of the roads connecting these remotest communities with the market and urban Luganville.

Mr. Aru has confirmed that once the National Parliament has approved the road budget, at least more than 20km road will be constructed early next year to these communities.

President Aru said these feeder roads once constructed will help them a lot to make life easier with the transportation of their products because in the past these communities use bush tracks and during very rainy weather vehicles cannot access the roads.

The road dilemma of Villages within the remote parts of Santo is not new as these communities have suffered for a very long time although they have contributed a lot to the provincial and national economy.

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