The Sanma Provincial Government Council (SPGC) will be bringing together stakeholders; government, Non-Government Organisations and civil society for the first time in a forum to discuss the future of Sanma.

Ideas and issues discussed in the ‘Sanma People’s Forum’ will play an integral role in the creation of the province’s first 5-year strategic plan of 2016 to 2021. Sanma Chief’s Nakamal will host the forum from July 6 to 10.

Twenty-one years since establishment, Sanma Province has been struggling to ensure people’s needs and services are met.

Based on the theme in Bislama: “Tugeta yumi toktok, tugeta yumi wok blong bildimap Sanma tumoro”, the task force committee under the chairmanship of SPGC has decided the one-week forum is a way forward for Sanma.

At the end of the forum, the SPGC and the Luganville Municipal Council are expected to produce a corporate plan to make sure that the ideas considered by the forum be put into practice.

Sanma Provincial Government is established under the Decentralization Act. Being the country’s biggest province and the host to the second biggest town, SANMA has been the backbone of Vanuatu’s economy.

But, it has not been an easy job to satisfy a fast growing population. Chairperson of the Taskforce Committee, Prosper Buletare, told the Daily Post in a statement:

“We (Sanma) believe we have the potential to sustain the country’s economy through our abundant resources.

“Our population is growing rapidly and we want citizens to have access to all government services.

“In this five year strategic plan, we need to join hands and work together to achieve our goals.”

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