Our philosophy is to ensure the health and well-being of Vanuatu’s animal population, we work primarily with cats and dogs and aim to promote animal welfare amongst the local population.

We also offer veterinary assistance to Ni-Vans who struggle with the added costs of good animal care. Our regular de-sexing clinics are vital to ensuring a healthy and sustainable animal population in Port Vila and beyond!

We are a non – profit organization and rely solely on donations and fundraising to sustain our invaluable service and provide whatever assistance is required for the welfare of our Islands animals.

In May, we had our inaugural Paw’s Walk. The walk started at Saralana Park, along the waterfront and back to the park. There was a raffle with prizes, a bake stall and barkery stall and of course a hot dog sausage sizzle.

30 owners and their good dogs participated and the success has ensured this to become an annual event in Sam’s busy calendar! More importantly than raising money we increased social awareness of what we do and are extremely grateful to all the companies that supported

us and participated on the day. In early June, Sam’s gave a short talk to the 36 Peace Corp trainees in their village on Pele Island.

The volunteers will take this new information to their future home islands and disseminate it to the communities they will be working with.

We are certainly looking forward to working with them in the future, in the mean time they will be Sam’s ambassadors on the islands beyond Efate.

The session focused on what Sam’s animal welfare association does. Valuable insights on animal sickness were given and the session ended with booklets and brochures being distributed.

Dr Roger Phillips, Livestock Veterinarian,kindly accompanied us and also discussed keeping livestock healthy.

One of our most important and ongoing projects, is our weekly de-sexing clinic. On Wednesday mornings Dr Karin O’Connor volunteers her time to spay and castrate cats and dogs from the community.

We are extremely grateful to these animals’ owners who give their permission and trust to ensure the animals leave our clinics in a healthy and happy condition.

Many of these animals are collected from the villages by volunteers and returned safely to them the same day! This year we are on track to de-sex300 animals in the clinic!

We recently conducted a de-sexing clinic for Mangaliliu village, where Dr Christina Shaw is our primary veterinarian and does a wonderful job. We recognize

that it is difficult for some of the villagers to get their animals into the Vet Clinic in Port Vila so hope that the solution of performing this service remotely in the villages will be well attended.

The Book Exchange is our ongoing fund raiser. We have bookshelves at both Jill’s American Café and at the Departure Lounge at the International Airport. The book exchange at Jill’s is very simple. If you bring a book infor exchange, you pay Vt200 to swap the book, if you do not bring a book, but want one, we kindly request you leave a donation of Vt400 but of course more is always acceptable. Very simply, 15 books at Vt400 will desex oneanimal.

Our bookshelves at the International Departure Lounge is by donation only. We are hoping people will put any surplus vatu in the box on their departure from Vanuatu!

How can you help? If you have any unwanted books that you would like to donate to our cause, please contact our dedicated book coordinatorDeece at deece@ andreewiltens.co.nz to arrange drop off or collection, likewiseif you have visitors coming to Port Vila please enquire if they have any books they could pack in their luggage to donate, every little helps and the cost of importing books means we must rely on the generosity and kindness of our expatriate community.

Every book donated gets a woof of approval and a few zoomies from the dogs, whilst the cats give a mildly appreciative purr.

Our happy ending story also highlights the other vital work we do, this is Reggae, a stray found a few weeks ago in Mele, he had been run over by a car and had both hips dislocated and some cuts and bruises.

Sam’s provided emergency veterinary care and after being castrated Sam’s found him a new forever home!

He now spends his time running around the garden chasing tennis balls and relaxing by the pool, a muchloved addition to the family and testament to the great work Sam’s does!

We are always looking for volunteers to help out, if you think you might like to be involved with the Sam’s committee in any capacity, by all means call us on 7779086 or drop us an email on samsanimalwelfare@ gmail.com. To keep pup to date with what we are doing check out our website www.samsanimalwelfare.com or follow us on facebark! https://www.facebook. com/Sams-Animal-Welfare- Association 240831025960737/

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