Roadworks On Schedule

The Vanuatu Project Management Unit (VPMU) has confirmed that works to upgrade Port Vila Roads under the Port Vila Urban Development Project are on schedule.

Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP) is a Vt3.35 billion project partnership between the Vanuatu Government, the Australian Government and Asian Development Bank (ADB) and is scheduled to be completed December this year.

Despite the continuous rain and bad weather, the VPMU informed that most of the works are on schedule.

So far, resealing works are almost done and will be followed by asphalt.

VPMU has informed that the main areas still needing attention are Manples to Euro Corner, which explains why traffic is still controlled at times in these areas to allow work evolvement.

“The contractor has completed all kerbs, footpaths, driveways, bus bays and drainage works along Kumul High way between SMET junction and past Euro corner in front of the New Zealand High Commission,” the VPMU conveyed.

“Drainage works between European Corner and USP are also continuing. Works are proceeding during day and night, and this length of road is expected to be completed by end May17”.

Meanwhile, the Contractor -RMS have also completed investigating the location of services beyond the Tropical Market roundabout, and services potholing is continuing towards Nambatu roundabout.

PVUDP will improve road, drainage, sanitation infrastructure and services.

The Project duration is from February 13, 2013 to 31st of December 2017.

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