Dear Editor,

Yesterday’s DP article titled “ROAD RAGE” is what appears to the public eye.

But the mess runs even deeper than this. Sources from within very high up in the system tell of developments which do not herald good news at all to us, our tourism sector, and the public at large.

Look at the so-called “storm water basin” next to the netball court at the Stade area.

It’s now all green and a beautiful mosquito breeding ocean. Contractors failed to analyse the soil structure of the basin to see that it is not porous and water cannot drain out of it. On being questioned what they will do, the consultants and contractors advised that they would ‘burry’ the pool and dig elsewhere. Question is where?

To date, no answer, and don’t think we’ll get the answers that easily.

Next point, the tarsealing will only end around Au Bon Marche No.2. So the question now is, why will it not connect the big Lapetasi wharf to fully connect cruise vessel tourists and the city plus airport? Where has all the money gone? And why are the donors pulling out of some aspects of the roads?

Australia, the World Bank and all those donors involved in this urban infrastructure development have made this town into a laughing stock.

For a such a small space, they can’t even deliver on time and professionally? So much for Australia’s ridiculing of Chinese aid to Vanuatu and the Pacific in recent media articles. Not good enough! And indeed, a shocking mess!!

Confused local citizen


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