Members of Ririvua Coop with President sitting seventh from left

Ambaean women who evacuated to Narovorovo Village on Maewo during the last Manaro volcanic eruption have been blessed by the generosity of the Ririvua Women’s Agriculture Cooperative Society.

Despite the unexpected arrival of approximately 700 Ambaean men, women and children from Ambae on their shores, Ririvua Cooperative President Naomi Garae says, “My executive called all the Ambaean women to an urgent meeting and asked them to talk about their challenges and their answer was simple – money to meet basic needs such as washing soap.

“It was then that we divided the women into groups and started organising fundraising activities to help them.

“We raised Vt29,000 for the first group, Vt38,000 for the second group, Vt65,000 for the third group, Vt72,000 for the fourth group, Vt78,000 for the fifth group, Vt122,000 for six group and we raised Vt65,000 for the last group”.

The President says the tearful joy was clear on the faces of the women because they did not expect the generous financial assistance they received from Ririvua Coop and the public of Narovorovo.

In addition she confirms that the women of Narovorovo have learned a vital lesson in that after only the first round of fundraising event, they realised they had exhausted their food gardens and could not continue the initiative.

The chiefs of the village have urged their people to think outside the box and increase the sizes of their gardens and plant more crops from now on.

In the interview, Garae’s Executive has also confirmed the importance of finding the means to build a new permanent building for the approximately over 40-member coop.

However their challenge is that from their rural setting, the President says they have never applied for any such funding assistance for their coop.

While they are focused on continuing to help their guests, she says with the devastating impact of climate change, they really need to renew their thatch roof building with a permanent building.

It is President Garae’s prayer for a donor partner to consider helping to fund their new building project by calling her on 5650733.

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