45 retired teachers recognized for outstanding service

The World Teacher’s Day celebration in Luganville was attended by President Tallis, TSC Chairman Alexander, PSC Chairman Mahe and other government officials.

Almost 50 teachers who have spent their lives teaching children in Vanuatu have been recognized by the Government during the recent World Teachers’ Day celebration in Luganville.

These retired teachers received medals of honor from President Obed Moses Tallis, witnessed by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), Public Service Commission (PSC), SANMA Education Office and SANMA Provincial Council.

President Tallis congratulated the teachers for their outstanding services.

He thanked them for having the passion to teach and make a difference.

He applauded the teachers for dedicating their time and heart to nurture children as the country future leaders in their learning.

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day every year is an opportunity for teachers to reflect on why they are in the teaching profession and how to make improvements.

‘The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher’ was the theme of this year’s World Teachers’ Day.

To have a prosperous future, Vanuatu must focus on this theme, said President Tallis.

He said the government has an obligation to take care of all teachers and provide relevant training to meet the needs and expectations of parents who are sending their children to schools.

The Ministry of Education and Training and TSC decided to take World Teachers’ Day celebration to each provinces, starting with SHEFA last year.

Vanuatu Teachers Union has been taking lead to organised World Teachers’ Day every year. Usually, members or teachers are asked to contribute financially to their day.

TSC Chairman, Derek Alexander, said the government has stepped in since last year to provide budget and organised the day on behalf of the teachers.

The 2019 World Teacher’s Day will be hosted by TAFEA Province.

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