Malapoa College Principal Reginal Garoleo

Malapoa College Principal, Reginal Garoleo

The Principal of Malapoa College, Reginald Garoleo, wants to see full restoration of the College once the new facilities funded by the Chinese Government, are completed

and ready to be officially open in 2018.

He estimated that when the new College facilities are completed and officially opened in 2018, the student intake in the prestigious English Speaking College, will increase.

In 2016, Malapoa College provided space for 755 students and this year (2017), the college has an estimated enrolment or intake of over 700 students. But once the new facilities are officially opened in 2018, the college wills double its intake with 1,600 students, out of which over 400 male and female students will have modern accommodation facilities at the College. Included in the plan now in construction progress are; science laboratories, and modern facilities for subjects taught and others that will be taken on board including modern sports facilities, kitchen and cafeteria for the students.

“The transition I am referring to here is to switch from the old traditional way of how the College has been running over the last 50 years to a totally new or modern operation,” he said.

“This includes management, learning process in classrooms, teachers professionalism in subjects taught, a total change in the behaviours of students, standard required from the students and teachers both inside and outside the doors of the classrooms. We have to move onto the international platform of learning that will turn the students of whom Vanuatu wants them to be, achieving the highest and exceptional level of every subject offered at Malapoa College.

“We need a new and modern college. We need to start producing scientists of high caliber as well as men and women who will stand shoulder to shoulder with sister colleges anywhere around the world. It is enough to continue to have the “thinking” that Vanuatu cannot catch up with the rest of the modern learning society in this world.

“If we have to make radical changes to achieve the goals, then we must take leap step forward at all costs. But the single important thing is aiming to make our students gain every access to the best and quality “learning” instead of continuing to think that we cannot take the leap step forward to catch up with the rest of the modern world and the modern society. Our children have the same brains as any other child or children in this world. What we need is provide every highest learning opportunity for our children and students to gain the best and highest learning skills and methods to reach the international expectations.”

The determined college principal said learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. “The owner is the student,” he said.

“Malapoa is a leading English Speaking College in Vanuatu and has always been hailed, but like all ten Senior Colleges in Vanuatu, it is in dire need for highly qualified lecturers in Mathematics (Calculus) and Mathematics (Statistics) first and foremost, and also in every other subjects it offers and will offer as of 2018 onward.

“It is sad to see that in 2016 results from every 10 senior colleges in Vanuatu, only 1 or 2 students passed the mathematics (Statistics) exam and they are from Malapoa College while every student in all 10 Senior Secondary schools failed the subject. We cannot afford to have the best modern educational facilities now under construction and to be completed and ready for opening in 2018, if we do not have highly qualified lecturers that will lead the students to come out at the end of exams with flying colors in these subjects, and indeed likewise with all other subjects.”

The College principal even went as far as stating that: “We do have local graduate teachers out there and lack of classrooms should not be a problem. If we do not have classrooms but we have enough teachers, use cool sheds of trees as classrooms equipped with chairs desks, black and whiteboards, during sunny weather to teach children under the beautiful trees and there are large or sizeable Village Nakamals that can be turned into classrooms during the day time. We have to think creatively and radically to get every child at the age in this nation to attend schools. There is no room to sit back and beg without doing something ourselves for ourselves and our children so that every child in Vanuatu to school.

“Malapoa College is now in its transition stage and we want to ensure that when the doors of the modern facilities are ready in 2018, the students, the teachers and the parents, everyone will step into the new doors with new views of the best and the highest standard of learning for the children and the students future leaders of this nation”.

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