RESCCUE climate change model launched

RESCCUE, the climate change model to be piloted at north Efate, was launched by the Minister of Climate Change,

Ham Lini.

By Anita Roberts

A major project to strengthen Climate

Change resilient through integrated coastal management was launched in north Efate.

Emua village is the pilot site for the Restoration of Ecosystems Services and Adaptation to Climate Change project (RESCCUE).

Minister of Climate Change Ham Lini, who launched the project said, “Climate change is a threat to productive sectors as agriculture, fisheries and forestry which drives the country’s socio-economic and wellbeing.

“Addressing and building climate resilience has become one of the government’s main priority”.

The lives and resources of the people in Vanuatu is at risk because of climate change and natural disasters. The impacts on agriculture, land resources, water resources and biodiversity has become increasingly evident everywhere.

It will address the vulnerability of the community in regard to the coastal consequences of climate change.

North Efate, through its environmental networks, has been a role model in the fight against climate change.

Villagers took the opportunity to share experiences at the same time conveyed fears over their marine resource reduction. They stressed that climate change is not the only factor but people are also over-harvesting.

The Shefa Provincial Government Council (SPGC) is proud that the project will offer villagers the skills and knowledge on how to save resources.

MP for Efate Rural Jerry Kanas, also witnessed the event and assured the RESCCUE Team of his cooperation.

He said his people rely heavily on their eco-system to put food on the table every day and meet their needs as school fees.

Meanwhile, Head of the Marine Affairs under the Foreign Affairs Department, Odo Tevi said,”Foreign Affairs is involved in the project because very soon we (the country)will have an ocean policy.

“Too much activities have been happening in the sea without our concern.”

He explained that once the policy is endorsed, individual or agencies wanting to conduct activity at sea must get permission.

Tevi advised the community of Emua to take good care RESCCUE as it will not benefit them alone but others as well.

RESCCUE Project Manager in Vanuatu from the Opus International Consultants, Adam Fraser, said lessons obtain from the project will be shared to other communities in Vanuatu including other pacific countries.

Funded by the French Development Agency and the French Global Environment Facility, RESCCUE is facilitated through the Ministry of Internal Affairs and coordinated by the Secretariat of the South Pacific in Noumea.

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