Remember our Responsibilities

President Obed Moses Tallis

President Obed Moses Tallis has put the spotlight on existing impacts which varies under the Constitutional laws.

The President’s remarks were delivered on Constitution Day and were directed to the people of the unified and free Republic of Vanuatu who lacked modesty in carrying out their fundamental duties in accordance to the constitution.

“For example, people are disinclined to cast their votes during national elections, unwilling to attend school, unfaithful in paying Government taxes, disobedient to parents and leaders, passing laws to sell citizenship and many more,” said President Tallis.

“Those attitudes express insolence against our Mother Laws which is the foundation of unity and freedom for our nation Vanuatu.

“We have to keep in mind that unity and freedom comes with responsibilities which everyone must carry out in order to achieve a unified and free sovereign nation. To remember these responsibilities, I kindly ask everyone to work together and carry out the fundamental duties as stated in Chapter 2, Part 2 of the Constitution which lists:

1. “To respect and to act in the spirit of the Constitution;

2. to recognize that he can fully develop his abilities and advance his true interests only by active participation in the development of the national community;

3. to exercise the rights guaranteed or conferred by the Constitution and to use the opportunities made available to him under it to participate fully in the government of the republic of Vanuatu; to protect the Republic of Vanuatu.

4. To safeguard the national wealth, resources and environment in the interests of the present generation and of future generations;

5. to work according to his talents in socially useful employment and, is necessary, to create for himself legitimate opportunities such employment

6. to respect the rights and freedoms of others and to cooperate fully with others in the interests of interdependence and solidarity;

7. to contribute, as required by law, according to his means, to the revenues required for the advancement of the Republic of Vanuatu and the attainment of national objective.

8. In the case of a parent, to support, assist and educate all his children, legitimate and illegitimate, and in particular to give them a true understanding of their fundamental rights and duties and of the national objectives and of the culture and customs of the people of Vanuatu.

9. In the case of a child, to respect his parents.”

President Tallis concluded by saying that nevertheless, it is the duty of all public authorities to encourage and come into agreement with authority as avowed within the respective powers.

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