The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) will work through the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and other line ministries to relocate all secondary school students on Ambae, their teachers and all other movable resources.

The MoET Cluster has reported to the Minister of Education on the relocation plan, as part of the response to the Government’s declaration of the State of Emergency on Ambae.

Director of Education Service, Roy Obed yesterday divulged more details on this plan.

Penama Adventist College will be relocated to Aore Adventist Academy on Aore.

Walaha Junior Secondary School is temporarily located at Nandiutu Junior Secondary School (JSS) before permanently relocating to Tavumai Primary School in south Santo.

Navuturiki Anglophone JSS will be relocated to Sulua Centre School, and Navuturiki Francophone JSS will be relocated to Nasawa Primary School – both on Maewo.

Both Londua JSS and Londua Technical Training Centre will be relocated to Bombua Primary School, Santo.

Tagaga JSS will be relocated to Melsisi College in Pentecost, St Patrick’s College will be relocated to Santo East Secondary School in Luganville and Ambaebulu JSS to Gambule JSS on Maewo.

Torgil Training Centre will be relocated to St. Michel Technical College, Santo.

“As the education of children is critical, the Ministry of Education is acting on the Government’s advice to permanently move all schools to safer areas,” Director Obed stated.

In doing so, the activity will have implications and therefore make way for legislation changes to the Education Act to cater for the original registration of these schools into their new established sites.

“The ministry wishes to reiterate that all ECCE Children and Primary School teachers and students will be addressed together with the population of Ambae,” the Director stated.

“This will be a far greater challenge and requires all stakeholders to work together to address the children’s overall learning as they are moved to their new locations.

“I will advise all Provincial Education Officers and School Principals to properly register any student who has voluntarily moved to either Luganville, Port Vila and other islands so that we can update the overall student enrolment sites.

“We do not want to miss anyone in the process of relocation and to provide them all the assistance they will need to start fresh in their new schools.”


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