Victor and Elsie with Nehemiah Award

Victor and Elsie with Nehemiah Award

A well-known visitor to Vanuatu, Victor Schlatter, originally from the US but lives in Australia, has received a prestigious Nehemiah Award from the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ).

88-year-old Schlatter as he is well known throughout Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Island countries, has strong connections with the Pacific Islands countries and the state of Israel.

He is a former nuclear scientist, church planter, missionary, and author. He is the author of ‘Where is the Body?’ and ‘Showdown of the Gods’.

Schlatter grew up in Portland, Oregon, was trained at Purdue, and eventually found himself working in a nuclear plant. There he founded a church within the Apostolic Christian Church (Nazarean) denomination. In the late 1950s, Victor dedicated himself to a new vision, to reach the stone-age people of Papua New Guinea and translate the Bible into the Waola language. He and his wife Elsie spent 30 years in the country and produced an entire Bible and founded the Tiliba Christian Church, which is currently composed of over one hundred churches.

Schlatter now resides in Australia, where he still provides oversight and accountability to the Papua New Guinea churches and directs Southern Pacific Island Ministries, which is dedicated to promoting a relationship between southern pacific island Christians and Israel.

In mid-1990 through to 2000, Schlatter and his wife Elsie, paid regular visits to Vanuatu, speaking at national seminars on Christian relations and the Jewish state, organized by the Vanuatu-Israel Shalom Club. He was also invited from time to time to speak at different churches in Vanuatu. He also met Vanuatu leaders including former Prime Ministers and state ministers.

Schlatter and Elsie’s involvement which the ICEJ began by attending Feast of Tabernacles from its earliest years in the 1980’s, brining pilgrims from Papua New Guinea with them. During their time in Papua New Guinea that they then visited Vanuatu through the Vanuatu-Israel Shalom Club.

An early recognition of Schlatter work was his appointment as Special ICEJ representative to the South Pacific Islands. His ministry has even impacted the political leadership of many nations in the region to stand with Israel.

The ICEJ commemorates Victor Schlatter’s lifelong service to God serving Israel., the Jewish people and the nations in the Pacific region including Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Schlatter and his wife Elsie, expressed their appreciation to the Vanuatu-Israel Shalom Club, which they say, has been part of their life and mission work, expanding relations between the Ilse in the Sea (South Pacific) and the state of Israel.

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