MV VanStar Cruise

The Office of the Maritime Regulator (OMR) has temporarily suspended the registration of MV VanStar Cruise, a domestic vessel.

The suspension was made on Tuesday, January 8.

MV VanStar Cruise is owned by two investors from South Korea who have a registered local company in Vanuatu.

According to information received from the OMR, the management is facing financial difficulties in managing the vessel, has various outstanding debts to some of its customers and unpaid wages for its crew members. These affects the operation of the vessel.

OMR has been closely monitoring the situation and investigating these matters for a while and confirmed that the actions of the management is likely putting safety of the vessel and potential passenger in danger.

After consulting the master of the vessel and representative of the owners, OMR temporarily suspended the vessel from the registry until such time the management can clear all safety concerns surrounding the vessel.

The management is now undergoing a restructure to ensure the vessel can operate again. The OMR will work close with the management of the vessel to ensure the suspension is lifted and the vessel can operate again.

MV VanStar Cruise was imported to Vanuatu from South Korea in August 2017, and was later registered in the following year after it was inspected by OMR pursuant to the Shipping Act [CAP 53].

Contact the OMR on 35445 (Port Vila and Santo Office) or email: if you have any queries relating to vessel safety, registration, surveys, maritime emergencies or maritime sector as a whole.

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