Reaktor Launch Party Tonight at Club Lit

Port Vila is lighting up with the brand new first Vanuatu Made energy drink Reaktor.

The Reaktor Party will happen at Club Lit tonight with crazy professional dance battles from 9pm and free Reaktor for the whole night, as well as cheap drinks for Vt500.

Reaktor has brought the best DJs and the best dancers in town for a crazy night fueled with dancing and many prizes to be won.

Space is limited so come early to avoid disappointment.

Rekator is the new energy drink locally produced by Vanuatu Beverage and is the first energy drink the country has produced locally from its new high-tech factory at Prima, which was officially launched last Wednesday.

Popular entertainer and promoter, Arthur Knight said, “I’ve tasted Reaktor — it’s great! It’s on a class of its own above the rest and energizes my day! I am very excited about the fact that we can celebrate and be part of the country’s first ever energy drink! I am very proud of this positive achievement and its launch which is a testimony that Vanuatu’s is coming up with more product presence in the world market today producing more high-level consumables that are internationally competitive and that everyone can enjoy!”

He added, “Reaktor helps re-charge your battery, stay focused and helps gives you motivation and confidence in your day to face daily challenges. For those with busy schedules and multi-careers — it helps bring out the best in my day.

“Reaktor contains vitamins, caeffine, taurine and ginseng and is great for people on the move 24-7 and like to keep on going, in particular sport athletes, party-goers, workers fatigued over long hours of toil and practically adults who needs a boost of energy in their day.1 Life — 1 energy drink — Reaktor Vanuatu.”

As part of its social responsibility, Vanuatu Beverage is reminding the public that the Reaktor is an energy drink not designed for children and mothers who are expecting.

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