Last week saw the launch of a new tractor, invested by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (RBV) to assist farmers at North Efate by improving agricultural production.

The launching of the new tractor, bought in from Esco Farm & Tractor Enterprise (EFTE) by RBV Governor Simeon Athy at Takara village was witnessed by MALFFB Officials, Ifira Trust officials, SHEFA Area Secretaries, and the whole Takara community.

”As an investor, I was encouraged by DARD Directors to invest in something that will benefit many people,” Mr Athy conveyed.

”I believe this machine can empower the lives of farmers.

”The time of shovels is over, with this new resource we can speed up production level in Agriculture and be well-assured the Government will be there to step in and assist the farmers in maintaining this tractor.”

An MOU was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) and EFTE, setting out Terms & Conditions and responsibilities that MALFFB through the Department of Agriculture and EFTE.

The Director General of MALFFB, Moses Amos said the MOU is an agreement for both the EFTE and the Ministry to maintain repairs of the machine and in turn provide the farmers’ report to DARD.

”The MOU will provide technical assistance to farmers, it will facilitate information and support, it will also find technicians to repair the tractor if a part is damaged,” Said DG Moses

”It’s a win-win situation between both partners.”

DG Moses added that the Government should focus more on rendering resources that can help our economy, especially through Agriculture.

”In order to reduce the risks of NCDs, we need to invest more on machines that serves a purpose in building our economy and cut down the number of rice, crackers and other exported goods from overseas markets,” he said.

”Our focus should be set within our country, with our people, so we can grow into a healthy Vanuatu.”

The Department of Agriculture has donated two drums of fuel to assist EFTE commence its activities.

The tractor hire fee is Vt5,000/hr. The new tractor will assist farmers around North of Efate (Pangpang to Tanoliu) to increase agricultural production.

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