Quad bike

KFW representative Cecile Taboe hands over key to quad bike to Minister witnessed by Director of Agriculture, Antoine Ravo (left) and Director General Benjamin Shing

“To my officers, please look after this quad bike. It is not for easy access to go to the nakamals (for kava) but to use it to provide services to our people.”

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, Matai Seremaiah, made the statement to assure the funding agency, KFW (German funding corporation) through SPC (Pacific Community) that as Minister responsible, he means business to ensure all project vehicles provided under MALFFB, are used strictly for service delivery to the people.

The Government and people of Vanuatu appreciate the relationship with SPC and having achieved a lot with the donor partner, the Government has a lot yet to do, the Minister said.

While handing over the quad bike to the Minister, KFW/SPC representative Cecile Tarboe confirmed their commitment with the Government by saying, “We are very happy because we are working a lot with your Ministry; we have eight components out of the recovery project funded by KFW. We are working with all the Departments of this Ministry.

“We are very happy that this tool will help to monitor the project when it ends because it will end very soon. We want the sustainability of the project in the remote islands. So thank you very much for the hard work that you are doing for KFW.”

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