A meeting between the

government and Public Works Department heads urged the Public Utilities to provide engineering supervision when road contractors patch potholes in Port Vila.

It has become very obvious along the Fr Lini Highway that when roads are patched the very next rainy day the ‘concealment’ is washed away or there are new potholes just near by.

Daily Post understands that the deteriorating Port Vila roads are a government concern because the subject was brought up in a serious recent government caucus meeting.

PWD says the roads in Port Vila are very old and they were designed to cater for a certain volume but the current increase in number of vehicles, particularly of heavy ones, damage the roads greatly.

In some countries heavy vehicles are restricted from using certain roads because of the wear and tear the vehicles cause on the public funded roads.

PWD says they provide engineers to inspect road works but most times they are not visible to the public because the same engineers are behind desks as administrators.

Public Utilities Minister, Tony Nari, said to reduce cost on the limited budget allocated for road maintenance it’s prudent that recognised engineers oversee the work on the roads.

All Port Vila roads need an overhaul but they will not come until December when the Port Vila Urban Development Project is realised.

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