PWD roadworthiness inspections progressing well

Acting Senior Foreman Hilton Matamlele

Roadworthiness checks by mechanics of the government’s Department of Public Works for vehicles using public roads in 2018 are being conducted daily since November 2017.

The Acting Senior Foreman of the Public Works Department in-charge of the roadworthiness checks, Hilton Matamlele, says the inspections for the 2018 vehicle roadworthiness certification are continuing well with an average of 80 vehicles going through the inspection a day – 40 in the mornings and 40 in the afternoon.

He explains that the process for inspection is as follows: (1) – Go to the Department of Finance and pay the Roadworthiness Inspection Fee; (2) – Go to the PWD workshop and book for section as follows: Mondays is allocated for Heavy Duty Vehicles for companies when mechanics go out to company sites to inspect the heavy duty vehicles and small vehicles are brought into the PWD inspection site; Tuesdays are for Public Transport Vehicles including taxis and buses; Thursdays are for private vehicles, Fridays are for motorbikes and quadbikes; (3) — Take your vehicle in for inspection on the day booked for.

“For vehicles that we ask to return for rechecks, they can come in at any day of the week,” Matamlele adds.

Acting Senior Foreman Matamlele, who took over the position only two weeks or so ago, says he does not have the numbers of vehicles that were certified during the November and December inspections. But adds that in January this year 890 vehicles were inspected and certified. This number comprised of 199 buses, 15 taxis, 11 public transport/common vehicles, 380 private vehicles, and 212 company vehicles.

“Last year, we received lots of complaints about our work, but this year, everyone is more understanding of our work, they are more cooperative and they are more patient with us,” he adds.

This year also, only owners of vehicles are allowed to go in and sign the certificate forms, he says, who he adds are more understanding of explanations given to them by mechanics of the department.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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