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Mayor Sumptoh and Deputy Lady Mayor cut ribbon for new workshop. PVMC employees in new uniform stand in front of the council’s newest vehicle.

By Glenda Willie

Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) under the leadership of Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh has announced its visions to improve its services for the residents of Port Vila city.

Mayor Sumptoh made the announcement when he officially opened the brand new workshop for the council at Stade area recently. The Port Vila Mayor said the opening of the new Vt9 million worth workshop was an achievement for the council and it is part of more developments that the people of Port Vila will be expecting to see in the near future.

The old workshop was used since pre-independence era, and thanks to cyclone Pam for being a blessing in disguise, which saw the construction of the new 53 meters workshop, longer than the destroyed one.

In addition to the newly built workshop, the mayor also announced the arrival of a new vehicle that would assist the council in its services. The Mayor also mentioned new uniforms for the workers of the council.

Sumptoh announced that the new workshop would be housing the council’s vehicles as well as other services provided to the citizens of Port Vila.

“This building will serve the people of Port Vila even into the next 40 years. With the new vehicle we have today, we will get rid of old vehicles and replace them with new ones,” Sumptoh said.

He added that the council has plans to purchase its own heavy duty machineries such as bulldozer and roller to improve the road conditions of areas within its jurisdiction.

Since the council was elected in 2014, it saw the new fencing of the workshop compound. There was also replacement of old roofing of all the buildings within the compound. Sumptoh confirmed works are in progress to see that the staff of Public works office and office of Deputy Clerk and other units within town hall to be relocated into the compound.

He made mention of the financial situation that the council was in when his team was elected into the council in 2014.

He confidently announced that PVMC was able to find solutions to fix the council and literally able to stand on its own feet again.

Mayor Sumptoh took the opportunity to thank the contractor Maurice Bule for a job well done on the construction of the new workshop. He also thanked the PVMC staff for their hardworking.

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