PVMC cash donation to Ambae hosts of volcano victims

Port Vila Mayor, Ulrich Sumptoh this week presented a Vt100,000 cash donation to Port Vila tax payers from Ambae who are caring for “about 50” of their families that have been evacuated to the city.

Mayor Sumptoh told a representative of the Ambae Manaro Organising committee in Port Vila that the people of his city are saddened to hear about the mass evacuation of people from Ambae whose lives were threatened by the Lombenben volcano.

“The citizens of Port Vila feel for the grandmothers and grandfathers who have lived all their lives in the islands and must travel to another to escape the wrath of the volcano. We feel for the children who now must leave to study elsewhere.

“It’s our prayer that their parents and the new community that are now living in find a school for the little ones,” Mayor Sumptoh said.

Mr Sumptoh was accompanied by councilor Elison Tabisal, councilor Cathy Hivo, and councilor Jif Isik Viraliliu who are Port Vila leaders with strong Penama connections, when he made the presentation to Manaro committee at Sarabulu Church on Wednesday.

“The current natural disaster on Ambae should teach the people of Penama Province how they should build bridges of unity among them and with other provinces.

“Ambae, Pentecost and Maewo. And willing to give generously to the people of their province and people from different islands when a natural disaster strikes,” the Mayor said.

Mr Sumptoh told the Ambae Manaro organising committee the Port Vila Municipality is willing to assist with transport or anything the Council “can do within its means so that families that have abandoned Ambae and now live in Port Vila know they are welcomed here with open arms”.

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