PVELTA president urges drivers to respect passengers

President of Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association (PVELTA) has urged all public transport drivers to respect their passengers.

Donald Massing made the call following an incident alleging that a young girl stabbed another male passenger twice in a service bus but the driver did nothing to intervene to save the young frightened woman.

The young woman who wished to remain anonymous for safety reasons claimed that after stabbing the man twice after he allegedly sexually harassed her, she jumped out through the window, but, the driver kept on driving.

President Massing said whenever people hop into a public transport; they fall under the responsibility of the drivers.

“Treat your passengers as your family.

“When a woman comes into your bus or taxi, treat her as your mother.

“Treat a young girl as your sister.

“Do not entertain bad attitudes when you are providing a public service,” Massing said.

He condemned the action of the driver in the alleged incident, adding that the driver failed to play his role as a public vehicle operator.

On the other hand, the president of PVELTA re-emphasized the importance of noting the plate number of the bus to ensure when such incidents occur the culprit is caught and faces the full force of the law.

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