Disregard false warning about Paracetamol: Mathias

The Labor Solution Vanuatu (LSV) as a licensed agent under the Seasonal Work Program(Australia) has warned the public and individuals from using the company to recruit or for political purposes.

The LSV agent, Mr Nick Issachar has voiced his concern in the media after recent information on a few individuals using his name and company to recruit workers and also to get a number of voters for the upcoming provincial election.

“As a licensed agent under SWP, we comply with regulations through the Labor department,” he said.

“We are not interested in politics and though we respect each political parties and their mandates, we are not affiliated with any of those political party.”

Mr Issachar said that the LSV has no third person agent and anyone wishing to be recruited should contact him or his office directly.

“If anyone whether out in the islands or in Port Vila wished to be recruited by LSV for work in Australia, he or she should contact me or the office directly or come individually to the office at the Entani Lodge, Nambatu Area and not through somebody else,” he said.

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