PTH Hardware sponsors Brush Cutter for Committed Cleanest Street in Beverly Hills

Anyone who travels to Beverly Hills from USP, will notice the roadside along the concreted hill is always clean.

There are palm trees and various coloured tropical plants beautifying the once barren land scape.

On your left hand side once you reach the top of the concrete road you will notice a green space which the locals call “Beverly Hills Park”, with a million dollar view over Emten Lagoon – a perfect spot for a break and to take in the fresh south easterly breeze.

The Youths and parents of Street Z and 1 of Beverly Hills have been volunteering for over two years to change the once negative image of Beverly Hills’ doorway by cleaning the road side and planting trees.

Finally, on Monday 6 August 2018 PTH General Manager Ritesh Kumar officially handed over a brand new Brush Cutter to the Street Z and 1 Youths of Beverly Hills in recognition of their tireless commitment towards keeping their street clean and tidy.

The ceremony was witnessed Glen Talae and Mary Navaika, Street Liaison Officers of Street Z and 1 who all expressed their appreciation to PTH Hardware for providing the prize of this annual event.

The Clean Street Campaign is an annual event organised by the Beverly Hills Development Committee. The Clean-up Campaign was launched in April 2018. Like most community-led initiatives in urban Vanuatu, commitment and sustainability of interventions rely heavily on the commitment and vision of community leaders to lead and not to count the cost in order to see change. For example, the grass in the Beverly Hills Park was planted, watered and maintained by Jimmy Nipo and his family for free. The park is now enjoyed by many.

The Clean Street Award is given to a Street that shows persistence and continuity in ensuring their neighbourhood is kept clean and has a program of cleaning in place that is submitted to the BHDC which keeps track of the work, unlike in rural Vanuatu where a Chief would have authority over communal activities.

Street Z and 1 are organising a BBQ on Saturday 11 August 2018 to celebrate their achievement recognising the hard work put in by Youths and the commitment of Street Liaison Officers. The Youths have plans in place to maintain this initiative. Interested families can contact the Youth’s to clean their properties for a fee. Funds raised will go towards maintaining the equipment.

BHDC are very appreciative of PTH who were approached and agreed to provide the prize for this Year’s event and especially to recognise the hard work of Youths in the Community.

Such contributions build new in-roads towards fostering stronger working relationships within the community and develop avenues to build responsible leaders in urban communities.

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