PSC addresses unemployment of graduates

The massive retirement of Public Servants has provided both a challenge for the Public Service Commission (PSC) to fill in vacant positions but also an opportunity to addresses the issue of unemployment of graduates.

PSC Chairman, Martin Mahe announced that the Commission is introducing a new policy initiative that primarily targets the unemployment of new graduates and an effective succession plan to ensure there is a continuity of service delivery due to the high number of officers getting retirement.

Mr Mahe confirmed that during a recent Commission meeting, decision No. 04-06-2017 approved an internship program because it recognizes the need for such program because the national Government is spending around Vt600 million on scholarship every year to fund ni-Vanuatu students to further studies.

“The purpose of the internship program is to help the graduates succeed in their career paths and built skills and experience needed to qualify for employment in the Public Service and private sector,” Mahe explained.

He said the current requirements restricts and makes it difficult for inexperienced graduates to secure employment in the Public Service simply due to “lack of experience” although they are freshly qualified academically.

The initiative will give a chance for the inexperienced graduates to get permanent employment with the Public Service after the internship program.

“The program will firstly focus on the tertiary students who graduate with degrees or post graduate level.

“As the Chairman of the PSC I am inviting all graduates and post graduates to submit their request, CV, and qualification to the PSC Office.”

The internship is a two-year program which will be coordinated by the PSC Human Resource Unit with the Human Resource Officers of ministries or departments.

While they are going through the internship they are eligible to make a direct application for vacant Public Service positions or the private sector.

The PSC will be able to directly appoint the applicants after a successful performance of one year.

Mahe is appealing to every Director General and Directors to support the Commission implement the initiative and facilitate the integration of young graduates.

The PSC Chairman thanks the government for the retiring the aging public servants and continuous support towards the changes being undertaken by the PSC.

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