Well-known businessman, Thomas (Tom) Bayer, is expected to appear in court again to face corruption and bribery charges after the court initially agreed in 2015 to run a separate trial for him during the trial and eventual incarceration of former members of parliament.

Daily Post was informed that the case has been listed for pre-trial conference at 2pm on August 16 and that the Public Prosecutor’s Office is preparing itself to complete the last of the 16 initial defendants of the bribery case.

Mr Bayer was the only non-member of parliament that faced the charges with 15 MPs.

He is facing one count of Complicity to Bribery Contrary to Section 21 of the Leadership Code Act CAP [240] and one count of Complicity to Corruption and Bribery Contrary to Section 30 and 73 (2) of the Penal Code Act [CAP].

The Supreme Court separated Bayer’s case from the politicians after accepting an application from his lawyer.

Although the separation of the case was opposed by the Prosecution, the power of a Court to order a separate trial is discretionary and is exercised in order to avoid prejudice to the accused or to expedite the trial.

According to the Supreme Court, if it appears that an accused is prejudiced by joinder of counts or of accused persons in an information, or by such joinder for trial together, the Court may order an election or separate trials of counts, grant a severance of accused persons or provide whatever other relief justice requires.

In a seperate case, the Office of the Public Prosecutor informed Daily Post it will announce in the near future whether to pursue a retrial of the conspiracy case of the jailed former members of parliament.

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