Fair Price, Fair Profit

L-r: Antoine Boudier, Wilson Toa, Lee-Anne Sackett, Lelet August, and Pacco Siri

The Ministry of Finance has launched a new Price Control Advisory Committee, after appointing a new Price Controller.

The newly appointed Price Controller is Pacco Siri.

Mr Siri holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Waikato University in New Zealand and Diploma in Industrial Relations and Accounting.

Before his appointment as Price Controller, Siri was the Director General in the Ministry of Justice and Community Services.

The new Price Control Advisory members are; Mr. Wilson Toa, representing Importers, Mr. Antoine Boudier, representing Traders and Mrs. Lee-Anne Sackett, representing Consumers, with the Chairman of the Advisory Committee being the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Letlet August.

In his remarks to the Daily Post, Mr Siri said the Bureau has started the work of price control inspection in Port Vila this week under the theme of ‘Fair Price, Fair Profit”.

He said it is important for the Bureau to ensure an atmosphere of fairness exists between wholesalers, retailers and consumers. The Price Control Bureau will, next week, carry out price control inspection work in Luganville and then move to the provinces.

The Price Control Bureau was resurrected by the Minister of Finance, Gaetan Pikeoune, over a year ago when he established the Bureau with the then former Price Controller, Marokon Alilee.

Today, the new Price Controller, Pacco Siri, said he will work closely with the new Price Control Advisory Committee to establish a policy before moving to review the 1974 Price Control Act.

He said the 1974 legislation is outdated and must be reviewed.

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