President Zhao says CCECC well suited for Bauerfield runway project

CCECC President Zgao Dian Long (6th from right front) and Prime Minister Charlot Salwai (7th from right front) and Minister Jotham Napat (6th from left), Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Leingkone (5th from left), Minister of Youth and Sport Development Seule Simeon (3rd from left) and Minister of Finance, Gaetan Pikioune (4th from right front) at with other dignitaries at the groundbreaking ceremony.

By Jonas Cullwick

Mr. Zhao Dian Long, the President of China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) has assured the Government of Vanuatu and other clients of Bauerfield that his company is blessed with rich experiences that will help them deliver the best quality work in the rehabilitation of the airport.

He said his highly qualified and experienced team was committed to delivering a very high quality product when the extension and the widening of Bauerfield airport airport, was completed this time next year.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony to start the construction work on Wednesday Mr. Zhao said: “It is my great pleasure that over just a few days after we handed over the Korman Friendship Sports stadium to the Government, today is another big ceremony for another giant project that we are gathered today for its groundbreaking.

“For me this is a big show of trust for CCECC. So, thank you to the Government of Vanuatu.”

“On behalf of the China Civil Engineering Construction Company and its joint venture partner China Northwest Civil Aviation Construction Corporation, I would like to thank you very much to the clients, the Government and the World Bank for your trust in us.”

The CCECC President added that this project was a long awaited project which carried with it a lot of expectation from the people. He said that after a long time of preparation, CCECC and the joint venture have prepared well with the machinery, labor and key materials and now they were ready to do the groundbreaking.

“Here, we would like to assure the Government and the clients that we will produce the best quality work which be done on time.

“I am saying this because at CCECC, we have a rich experience from working all over the world especially in broadband projects. So far CCECC have 19 projects ongoing, which are funded by World Bank. They are located in Africa, in South Asia including dam projects, hydro-power projects, water supply projects bridge projects and railway projects.

“My team here in Vanuatu and I are experienced in World Bank projects many of them broadband projects. Broadband projects as you are aware have very strict procedures and quality control and consultants need very good skills to negotiate between the planners and the consultants to confirm that we can deliver a quality product on time.”

CCECC President Zhao said his team has been here in the last six years and they have successfully implemented 13 projects in Vanuatu. And 34 projects in the South Pacific region.

“So, I think my team they know the local society,” he continued.

“My team has built a wealth of trust with the local society. Now, my team they like to drink kava. I told them please don’t be addicted to that.

“The Honorable Minister of Infrastructure (Jotham Napat) assured me ‘Mr. Zhao please don’t worry, let them drink kava because when they go back to China, there you don’t have kava. So, just let them drink kava,” he said with a chuckle and a rich response from his audience.

He reminded them that two years ago in 2015 there was a big cyclone, (Cat 5 Tropical Cyclone Pam) that hit Vanuatu and destroyed much of Tanna island’s vegetation, houses, and infrastructure.

At that time the CCECC team working on Tanna did not choose to go back to China, but chose to stay with the locals. They shared the use of all of their machinery with the locals and they used their generators to provide assistance with lighting to the emergency workers. And they provided transportation to the Australian emergency aid teams, all as part of their social responsibilities.

“So, this is a wonderful team and I am sure we can keep to the promise and deliver the completed quality product and within the agreed timeframe.

“With this project we will provide the job opportunities for the locals as much as possible. It’s our mission. And provide them our local staff with training so that they can improve their capabilities and so that in future they can own their own business.

“With the support of the Government and the World Bank we will deliver you the best job and at the handing over when the project is completed I will come again as we will keep our promise,” he concluded his speech.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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