Prime Minister Charlot Salwai congratulates President

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai (l) congratulates President Tallis

“I feel humbled for this national call of duty, and at the same time, I place my commitment and dedication of national service before the people of Vanuatu,” was part of the first remarks to the nation uttered by the new President, Obed Moses Tallis, immediately after his swearing in.

“To the citizens, the residents, young people, children, men and women of, and in this country, I pledge my allegiance to serve the country and the people to the best of my ability.

“I thank you all, the citizens and the people of Vanuatu for the trust you have given me, through the elected members of this house and the Electoral College.

“As the newly elected President, it is my duty to uphold the constitution, in order to maintain ‘Unity and Peace’ in our nation.

“This is an important duty which I will commit myself to, during the term of my office.

“Our constitution reflects the wish and the aspiration of the founding fathers of our nation.

“When our founding fathers began to frame the destination of this nation, they realized the importance of ‘unity’ which a sense of purpose to ensure that ‘unity’ binds the nation together.

“This is because our nation is diverse culturally, linguistically, religiously and politically.

“This allows room for divisions to come in. It is for this very reason that the founding fathers of this nation saw the importance of unity, and when the nation is ‘united’ then we can talk about ‘peace’ of the life of our nation.

“When the people are united, then they can talk about what kind of sustainable development they need in their provinces, villages and nakamals.

“I want to appeal to the people and the nation to continue searching for ways by which the country will always remain united.

“When our leaders have a strong sense of commitment for the unity of our nation, the political stability will always be maintained. I therefore appeal to all citizens and everyone in this nation to continue to maintain this much desired unity at all times.

“Our nation has a unique history.

“It is the history that showed that we had taken a long journey to reach the time of our political independence.

“This journey was the same as that of Exodus with the Children of Israel that went out from the land of slavery that started in the morning hours with a strong sense and a bond of unity and purpose.

“And that unity of purpose gave them their salvation.

“It took them 40 years to enter the promised lands.

“Their journey was both a political and spiritual one.

“It was also political because, they were called out from political force that ruled them and they were assigned a noble duty to set up their own nation, and to decide their own destiny.

“The journey was also spiritual because throughout their journey in the wilderness, they had a duty to re-discover who their true God is.

“The journey of our nation will be 37 years this month.

“The country will reach 40 years of its journey and independence in 2020.

“And as a nation that proclaimed its motto ‘In God We Stand’, it is important to prepare ourselves to be prepared to harvest the mining of our political and economic self-reliance then.

“Many of us knew one another well when we rallied behind our leaders during the struggle for independence. Churches played their part.

“Chiefs and landowners played their part, stood together and lifted pour national flag.

“The nation was united because people wanted independence.

“The women and the young people supported unity.

“The symbol that the people desired at that time is enshrined in the national flag.

“Today, as the figurehead and symbol of peace and unity and peace, I wish urge the nation to return to the spirit of unity which we achieved right from the date of independence.

“We must bring this back to the nation, as the founding fathers and the leaders of our nation dreamed of.

“The duty to manage the affairs of the nation is in the hand of the Executive which the Prime Minister heads.

“And with the composition of the 11th Legislature, I have a firm believe that the nation is ready to take up all the challenges ahead of it, only if we unit together and remain united.

“My message to the Government on behalf of the people is brief.

“Take good care of the people in this nation.

“Take good care of the nation and distribute its resources fairly to all the people of this nation.

“Help the nation improve its standard of living through long term and sustainable economic development and access.

“Continue to carry out appropriate reforms that are necessary and return the confidence of governance system and our economy.

“Before i close, i call on everyone to remain silent as I offer a Prayer.”

The President, being a Church and dedicated Christian Minister, offered a Prayer for unity, peace, prosperity and the welfare of the people and the nation and called on God’s protection over the nation and her people in the years ahead.

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