Newly elected Head of State, Presbyterian Church Pastor Tallis Obed Moses, took his first step into the public arena by asking to worship at an Adventist church to convey his words of gratitude to the President of the Vanuatu Mission, Pastor Nos Terry saying, the first request for him to apply for the post of President came from members of the SDA Church.

Even though he had declined the offer on the grounds that he was already a pastor, as the minutes were ticking away towards the end of the application deadline, he received another request to apply for the post from a pastor from his own denomination, who stated his grounds for him to apply for the post.

“He convinced me but I told him I would need his help towards the (application) fee because I was not in any position to meet the cost,” he said.

The Head of State and First Lady, Estella Moses and his entourage, worshipped among a packed Freshwind community church last Sabbath.

“I am standing here today to thank you members of the SDA Church and the Vanuatu Mission for your prayers throughout the country for the Government, our Nation and the Head of State because without your prayers, we would not have come as far as we have today.

“So thank you for your prayers.

“Thank you also for your contributions towards the social sectors of Vanuatu through your education and health systems which have contributed significantly towards the development of our human resources to arrive where we are today as an Independent Republic.

“An example is through ADRA (financial arm of Adventist Church worldwide) which reaches out to rural isolated communities in the islands, that find it difficult to have access to water.

“So thank you very much to the Vanuatu Mission for your assistance which offers a helping hand to people in need in rural communities throughout Vanuatu.”

It was the first time for a Head of State to worship at Freshwind Church and he and his entourage were met by the President of the Vanuatu Mission and led into worship filled with songs of praise.

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