President Tallis Obed Moses and First Lady pose with President of Vanuatu Mission,

Pastor Nos Terry (left), MP Johnny Koanapo and Bethual Solomon with youths of Freshwind Church

By Len Garae

“I want to see the churches both in Port Vila and outside Port Vila unite to take the light from our churches and go into those dark streets to bring the light to the lost ones that are smoking drugs.

“We must take this light out there because this is our responsibility as ministers, pastors, elders and deacons and Christian men and women.”

President Tallis Obed Moses is challenging all churches to unite and take the light to shine it through the dark streets against all forms of crime including killing, rape, stealing, marijuana smoking and all other forms of crime that are pushing the country towards the precipice.

He says the only way to succeed against darkness is for all churches to unite and march together equipped with Christian light to defeat evil forces at work.

“I want to see all Christian churches in Vanuatu intertwine to become strong and solid so that they cannot be divided to weaken their resolve,” the President says.

“There’s light and there’s darkness and darkness is out there in the streets.

“Let us take the light from our churches and shine it through the dark streets.”

He quotes from the Bible saying, “Jesus said, ‘Come and I will send you out’. Jesus is sending us saying, ‘Go ye unto all the world and preach the Gospel”.

The Head of State is challenging all Churches including Presbyterian, SDA, Anglican, Apostolic and Churches of Christ to unite and move out of the churches as one to transform spiritually throughout the country stressing he wants to see unity at work in reality.

He makes the call after receiving a gift — a book on Leadership from the President of Vanuatu Mission, Pastor Nos Terry, after the divine service at Freshwind Community Church last Sabbath.

The President and his entourage stayed for lunch at the church before they departed.

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