Positive feedback for Air Vanuatu ID checks

Effective 01 February 2019, Air Vanuatu implemented its new domestic ID checks at Bauerfield Domestic Airport, Pekoa Airport and Whitegrass Airport.

In its first week of implementation, Air Vanuatu has received a criticisms but also positive feedback. All passengers have complied with the new airline’s domestic policy.

A grace period was extended until 01 March 2019 to allow students, children and infants to travel with their birth certificates. All parents are encouraged to obtain their national ID cards during this time.

The new policy is not applicable to the outer islands until 30 June 2019. For example, a passenger departing from Lonorore, Norsup, Gaua or Futuna will not be required to present a photo ID. This is to allow enough lead in time for the population to obtain their national ID cards until 30 June 2019.

Effective 01 July, 2019, any passengers travelling on the Air Vanuatu domestic network will be required to present a valid photo I.D at the check-in counter. Air Vanuatu accepts Passports, VNPF Card, National ID Card, School ID Card, Official company ID Card and Driver’s license as official form of identification.

Air Vanuatu wishes to remind its valuable customers that a valid photo ID Card must be presented prior to any cargo collection. This is effective as of 01 February 2019 and covers any ports serviced by Air Vanuatu. Failure to present a photo ID will result in immediate denial of release of cargo.

Recent reports by the Daily Post showed that the National Airline Domestic and International Services were busy during Christmas and New Year period with supplementary flights for domestic flights.

In the meantime, thousands of citizens in and around Port Vila have converged on the Civil Status Department over the past weeks to register and receive the new National ID card.

Hundreds of people had to wait in long qeue at Independence park morning and afternoon over the past weeks to get the free national ID card.

Many whom the Daily Post approached gave positive response that they are happy and proud to be issued with a national ID card which they viewed as of paramount importance to them and at the same time give them a sense of belonging to the nation of Vanuatu.

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