Port Vila road closures into next week

The Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP) and its stakeholders are advising the public of the following road closures and detours effective for this weekend Oct 7 & 8 and up to the end of next week:

1.Design Section 1: From Smet Car Wash to Europe Corner

Commencing Saturday (today), 7/10/17, there will be isolated shoulder and partial road closures with stop-go contra-flow of traffic to allow for line markings with detours to be installed at intervals to divert the traffic from alternate sites through side streets.

2. Design Section 2: From Europe Corner to Freshwota-1 Roundabout — Freshwota ABM & USP Roundabout Continuation of works along this stretch of roads. There will again be shoulder and/or partial road closures with stop-go contra-flow of traffic

Please be informed also that from 1.00 pm till 5.00 pm in the evening, there will be single lane road closures to pour concrete for the constructions of kerb, footpath and/or driveways

3. Design Section 3: From Dark Corner to Tropical/Dumbea Roundabout Continuation of works being undertaken. There will be shoulder and/or partial road closures with contra-flow of traffic from this weekend up to next week.

4. Design Section 4: From Tropical/Dumdea Roundabout to ABM Nambatu Continuation of kerbing works along this stretch of the Kumul Highway (formerly Rue De Artois). There will be shoulder and/or partial road closures over this weekend up to next week.

5. Night-shift Potholing Works at Manples Potholing works along Kumul Highway (formerly Lini Hwy) at Manples that started yesterday, Thursday, 5/10/17, will continue at night over this weekend and up to next week. Detours will be installed at the Manples and Essah intersections.

6. Night-shift Stormwater Drainage Works: From Collardeau French School to Tropical Service Station.

Full road closures and detours to be set up in sections. Special notice that demolition works will be done in front of the service station on this Sunday, 8/10/17.

7. Driveways for Tropical Family Market and Service Station. Beginning next week there will be alternate work changes in construction of the driveways (both entry and exists) for the Tropical Family Market and Service Station. Appropriate signs will be installed to direct the traffic flow in and out of the area.

8. Sunday, 8/10/17, Day-shift Service Potholing: Between Smet and Essah/Tebakor

Road closures and detours will be set up in sections.

Updates will continue to be provided as works are progressing. Everyone is advised to drive slow and take care when passing through these various work-sites.

These notices come from George Tambe, Community Liaison Officer, RMS Vanuatu and Carol Dover, Gender and Community Participation Specialist, Design, Supervision and Capacity Development Team of PVUDP at the Vanuatu Project Management Unit.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: jonas@dailypost.vu. Cell # 678 5460922

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