Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat officiated the opening of the 50th New Zealand-South Pacific District of Kiwanis International Convention 2018 on Friday, September 7.

Minister Napuat welcomed the Governor, past Governors, International President elect Daniel Vigeron and Kiwanis members, and thanked Governor Pierre Macabies and other officials for electing to hold the convention in Port Vila.

“Kiwanis Club of Port Vila first hosted the 12th Convention in September 1980,” he said.

“Now some 38 years on, the club is honored to be your hosts for the 50th Convention. Kiwanis International motto is “Serving the Children of the World”. In a developing nation, The Republic of Vanuatu is very supportive of this aim.”

Minister Napuat took the opportunity to acknowledge some of the programs that Kiwanis Club of Port Vila have facilitated in support of Women, Children, Health and Education over the past few years.

These are all continuing projects that are currently being supported:

Kiwanis District Container Project

This is a project in which the District in New Zealand, with support from a host of Kiwanis Clubs deliver up to three containers per year with supplies that are then distributed throughout the Islands of Vanuatu. These include library books, school desks and chairs, school uniforms, clothing and numerous other items that are invaluable to the local communities.

Threads Across the Pacific

This project delivers sewing education classes and sewing machines and materials to ni- Vanuatu Women throughout the country. The project was driven by Caroline Mason, whom is now a Kiwanis Member. This project has now seen the donation of the 100th machine to assist these ladies in providing clothing for families and also a source of income.

Pikinini Playtime

Support is given to two young girls to attend the early childhood care and education center of Pikinini Playtime. Kiwanis in Port Vila have been assisting the school for a few years now, offering pieces of equipment and sponsoring the tuition costs for two selected girls that have had major issues to deal with at an early age.

Blood Bank of Vanuatu

The Kiwanis Club of Port Vila donated 2 T-RAC machines to the blood bank some 4 years ago. This equipment is essential for the collection of blood from the donors. Ezra Talo, the Medical Technologists at the Vila Central Hospital Laboratory Blood Bank has been vital in communicating their needs to Kiwanis Club of Port Vila.

Vanuatu Little Star Summer School

This is a program that is held in Pentecost every January. The project is aimed at building confidence and self-esteem to young children. Kiwanis Club of Port Vila will be in the 6th year of support when the summer School is held in January 2019.

There are also numerous other projects that the club has contributed funds and time to that have benefited Women, Children, Health and Education for Vanuatu.

In conclusion, on behalf of the Government, minister Napuat wished all attending the 50th New Zealand-South Pacific District of Kiwanis International Convention 2018 a very enjoyable time in Vanuatu.

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