Polling day for Luganville in September

Senior Officers of Electoral Officer. Principal Electoral Officer Joe Iati (l), Chairman of Electoral Commission © and Senior Compiler Gary Tavoa (r). Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

Citizens of Luganville in Santo who are eligible to vote will be able to elect the next representatives of the Luganville Municipal Council (LMC) on their polling day which falls on September 17, 2019.

The Electoral Office confirmed a budget of Vt10.2 million has been approved to meet the cost of the election exercise.

Luganville has a population of 16, 000 while the current population eligible to exercise their constitutional rights stands at around 10, 000. However, according to Senior Compiler, Gary Tavoa, the figure will change,due to the ongoing registration of voters and the data changes everyday.

The electoral Office will be able provide an updated data of Luganville population only when the voter registration closes six weeks before the voting day.

Gearing up towards the event, Chairman of Electoral Commission, Martin Tete reminded citizens of Luganville on the Amendment of People’s Representation Act which states that voters registration must close approximately six week prior to polling day.

A team from the office will also be at Luganville to update the electoral roll, therefore, the office appealed to the residents of Luganville who are 18 years and above, but have not in possession a valid voting card to make use of the opportunity and register now.

Principal Electoral Officer (PEO) Joe Iati reiterated that in preparation towards the election day, the joint mission between Electoral Office and Civil Registry will also see the registration of voters as well as issuance of National ID cards.

“The Electoral Office will require particularly information that are on a birth certificate. If people are present without a birth certificate, the Civil Registry team will issue them with a new one before they can register their names with Electoral Office,” Iati explained.

The Electoral Office has also announced Sanma Provincial Elections is set for December this year and a budget of Vt12.2 million has been approved to cater for the election.

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