Despite having a total of seven members of parliament from Santo Rural with four from Port Olry alone, VRP former national coordinator, Silverio Takatavety and representatives of their people from Port Olry believed the political connection just was not there anymore so they decided to join VP MP and Minister of Justice, Ronald Warsal of Hog Harbour, when he accepted a custom ceremony from them in his office before yesterday.

This is a major political shift from a historical political power base for moderate political parties since Independence going 37 years ago.

Experienced political strategist Takatavety said he and his people have analysed the latest political direction on the part of their current political leaders only to agree that there is no political leadership to support their people especially in times of need.

“This is why Honourable Minister Ronald Warsal, we have decided to work with you because you do care for our people,” he said.

“Minister, you and I are not new in the (political) field and I wish to assure you of my support.

“I have brought with me a representative of the chiefs over the community of Port Olry, Chief Philip Tiome and a representative of the family.”

Statistics wise, he expects to have completed all the necessary figures to make available including his sub committee, during the forthcoming VP Mini Congress on Santo.

The Minister of Justice welcomed the group and their custom ceremony with open arms saying the road is not new since he as ‘man Santo’ also has historical family ties with Port Olry and Big Bay on his mother’s side.

Warsal recalled that he was confident to win the last elections which was why he did not campaign in Port Olry, Big Bay Coast and Big Bay Bush.

He said 75% of his voters were moderates while only 25% were VP voters from his base at Hog Harbour.

“I even won three votes from Port Olry but now with your arrival, I believe we will be able to improve our statistics in all three areas in preparation for 2020,” he said with confidence.

He reminded his audience of the importance for all political leaders to always humble themselves as the “servants” of the people.

The ceremony was sealed with a kava ceremony.

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