Police recruitment criteria must be observed: Vira

The amendment of the Police Act [CAP 105] will compliment the works of the Police Service Commission.

The chairman of the PSC, Willie Vira appealed to the Vanuatu Police Force to adhere to the criteria for police recruitment as stated in the Act.

“The policy change will release a few administrative works back to the PSC and the VPF will focus more on running the force, making sure the all the criteria in the Police General Orders are carried out,” he said.

“As stated in CAP 105 policy matters will now come under the jurisdiction of the PSC and the office of the Minister responsible.”

Mr Vira stated that the PSC did not agree with the way the Acting Police Commissioner came out on media to accuse the Minister of Internal Affairs of a resolved in house issue.

“I have advised the Acting ComPol that there are a lot of issues within VPF that needed more consultation with PSC before any press release was made,” he said.

“They have breached conditions of recruitment, exposed bad policing and deprived itself (VPF) of everyone but they are not an independent organization.”

Vira reminded that VPF is under the governance of the Minister responsible for Vanuatu’s national security.

In a letter to the Commissioner, dated November 8, 2017 stated the criteria for new recruitment on the VPF:

1.Interested applicants must have a minimum educational certificate of Year 12 in any certified and recognized institution.

2.Applicants must be healthy,physically and mentally fit and preferable provide a medical certificate to this effect.

3.Applicants will not be selected if their parents or one of their parent is a current serving Police Officer.

4.Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25.

5.Applicants must be single and will not be considered if they have a de-facto partner.

6.Applicants must specify their religious denomination as they will be required to serve 24hours a day and 7 days a week without excuses.

7.Heights of applicants must be within the range as specified in the PGO- minimum of 1.70m.

Vira said that letter with the criteria was intended to make sure it was observed seriously by the selection panel to prevent similar instances that have been over-looked during past recruitments.

“The amended policy will also address discipline, the PSC will appoint a Professional Standard Unit and no longer the Commissioner to deal with discipline independently on anyone regardless of ranks or position,” he concluded.

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