Plans to construct Brenwei 400kW hydropower station revived

Minister Lini (first from left) said the government is reviving plans for Brenwei Hydropower station on Malekula

By Anita Roberts

The Government wants to construct a hydropower station at Brenwei River in northwest Malekula to generate electricity for communities.

The Brenwei Hydropower project was initiated a few years ago.

Though talks have been held between the government and donor agencies, the project failed to materialise due to land disputes.

The Minister of Energy, Ham Lini, announced plans to revive the project to the people of Malekula in a recent occasion held at Litzlitz.

“Talks are underway to construct a 400 kilowatt power at Brenwei River to connect power to UNELCO grid.

“The process of land acquisition for the project site is progressing well,” he said.

Land owners, including Malampa Provincial Government, support this energy project, said the minister.

Yet, donor agencies will not approve the project if land disputes still exist, Lini told the people.

He urged communities not to allow land disputes to disturb the development.

According to the minister of energy, the project aims to improve rural electricity access and contributes to achieving the government target of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2030.

The Department of Energy is looking at implementing various projects to enhance electricity access and use of renewable energy aiming at the target of reaching 100% electricity access in 2030, the minister conveyed.

“We are expecting an increase in economic activities, better social services in health and education to improve livelihoods once these projects are realized.

“We (the department) believe energy is the game changer for Vanuatu,” he said.

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