SIO Coordinator Maete says all schools must have offices

Acting Principal Education Officer of Shefa Provincial Government and School Improvement Officer Jack Maete, has said the opening of a new classroom on a small island such as Pele, should be an important event such as a ‘lafet’ or marriage.

He made the emphasis with reference to a small crowd that was present to witness the opening of a new classroom at Tangovawia Kindy and Primary School on Pele Island towards the end of last month. In the event of another new classroom, he hoped to see more people present for the opening.

Maete said the historical development of schools in the country used to include Parents and Teachers Association (PTA).

In recent times the body changed to School Community Association (SCA). “The change has come about because the Government has come to recognise the increase in the number of schools nationwide”, he said.

“It means that the Government wants to see solid commitment by the communities where the schools are built, which means at Tangovawia, we want to see your community claim responsibility and ownership of your school”.

Maete congratulated the chiefs, the SCA and people of Pele for not waiting for the Government saying, “There are so many schools throughout the country still teaching students in tents, and if you had waited, you would be still waiting today.

“While this island is small and its population is still small and development is important, I believe that the first priority is its human resource development because this is going to impact on all other types of development.

“I wish to challenge all other communities in Shefa to do likewise and include school offices to enable all Heads of schools to perform their administrative duties fully.

“I am pleased to see an office attached to this classroom because in other schools, we often stress the importance for SCAs to also include such offices”.

He thanked the Headmistress for her leadership, Chief Maserei for his negotiation skills, Pele community for its united stand in the school classroom project and funder and builder Chief Maseimata.

“Coming together is just a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”, he said.

“I acknowledge you Chief (Maserei) for befriending Terry Bourgeois (who went on become Chief Maseimata) as this relationship has mobilised the people of Pele to unite to impact progress to complete your classroom and offices”.

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