PCV 'Yumi Givhan' falls July 5

Members of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu will be giving Vt1,000 on Sunday, July 5, as an offering to the church’s ‘Yumi Givhan’ Program. Whether you are old as these grandmas’ from Vauleli Presbyterian Church, everyone is counted.

Sunday, July 5 is special for all 400 congregations under the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) from north to south.

‘Yumi Givhan’, the church’s annual program falls on that day. Under this program, all household members; children, women, men will be offering their contribution of Vt1,000 to the church.

The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu has approximately 78,000 members from the Santo Presbytery to Southern Islands Presbytery.

Since it started in 2012 the program has had impacts because of the ongoing commitment of the members, said PCV Secretary, Jonathan Tarip.

The PCV Annual General Assembly held on Paama last year endorsed for the program to finance church programs in health, school, scholarship, disaster, youth programs and the women’s union.

Following Cyclone Pam, the church through its ‘Yumi Givhan’ program provided Vt200,000 to assist the government with the logistics of the National Disaster Management Office.

Another 1.8million vatu has been given out to support 60 church pastors on special mission.

These pastors from the Southern Island Presbytery, Efate Presbytery, Central Island Presbytery, part of Ambrym and Malekula Presbytery who are severely affected.

Pastor Leinamau Seru Mangrongoana and Ps Collen Keleb’s three-year degree studies at the Fiji Theology College are sponsored by the program.

Tarip’s appeal to everyone is to give with an open heart, especially after the country was hit by a cyclone.

His personal message to everyone is to consider the disaster as another alternative to approach God.

“Seeing and knowing that the people through their giving were able to help their spiritual leaders in times of disaster is heartening,” Tarip added.

Envelopes have been distributed and churches that have not received should contact the head office in Port Vila before July 5.

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