The Nagriamel Political Movement Spokesman, Jeff Joel Patunvanu, has questioned the whereabouts of most of the Vanuatu journalists who were not present to cover the final West Papua Leaders unification signing agreement at the Chiefs Nakamal.

“The only local media journalist that was present to cover this most single important regional event watched by the whole region and the world was the Daily Post newspaper. The government mouthpiece that receives some Vt45 million grant annually from the national parliament, the national radio and Television Blong Vanuatu were not present, which is very sad indeed,” the Nagriamel spokesman, Jeff Patunvanu, expressed with dismay.

“The West Papua unification signing agreement was to end with a press conference. Unfortunately, and very embarrassing enough the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Pastor Allen Nafuki, made an announcement in front of the Prime Minister Joe Natuman, the DPM Ham Lini and the Lands Minister Ralph Regenvanu, the President of the Malvatumauri, Chiefs, Church, Women and Youth Leaders and especially, the West Papua Leaders that “because there were not all local media present except the one which was the Daily Post newspaper, the Press Conference was cancelled.

“This was very bad and embarrassing and a slap by the Vanuatu local media on the face of the West Papua leaders,” the Nagrimael Spokesman expressed with dissatisfaction.

“It’s the most disgraceful and shameful attitude to the West Papua Leaders and the slap on the face of the Vanuatu government and the people of Vanuatu by the VBTC radio and TBV journalists although the General Manager was present,” said Jeff Patunvanu.

“Journalists are to keep their ears and eyes open and go out and hunt for news, instead of sitting and waiting for news information to be handed to them in silver plates.

“Non coverage of the West Papua unification signing coverage by the VBTC radio and TV is totally unacceptable by the Nagriamel Political Movement,” said Jeff Patunvanu.

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