‘A Collection of Speeches, Sermon, Prayers and Articles’ was the title of the book that Pastor Sethy Regenvanu shared with Academics, Lecturers, Postgraduate and Masters Students at USP, Laucala Campus Suva yesterday.

Dr. Wesly introduced Mr. Regenvanu as a living treasure and prominent figure in the Pacific who played a significant role in the public life of Pacific islanders, a leader and pioneer of the Independence movement in Vanuatu.

Speaking to Daily Post after the seminar, Pastor Regenvanu described the book as ‘Frame of Reference’ saying it will be beneficial for USP students who are seeking to undertake further research in the future.

Mr. Regenvanu said his political career began through church education. “I took pride in saying my education started with the church.”

This second book covers and discusses issues surrounding Education, History, Politics, Religion, Culture and women. The articles in the book cover events from 1995 to 2017.

He said most of the articles in the book are prepared in response to some questions for historical information, opinion on different issues and to relate his experiences and guidance on contemporary problems affecting Vanuatu and the region.

According to Mr. Regenvanu, many of the generation of their time that witnessed the great changes that took place in Vanuatu leading up to Independence and in the early primitive years after Independence have gone.

He told the audience that it is very important to share such stories for useful purposes for the future generation.

“As a national leader, I feel honored to my people of Vanuatu to share my stories because we experience the events,” he said.

Mr. Regenvanu said the younger generations of today were not part of the struggle and so they need to know about “our experience at the time”.

During the interactive session, some of the main questions raised are on the three elements of leadership which are, political, religious and cultural before Independence and today, his interpretation of self-reliance, the education system for Vanuatu that can mold its citizens to the main idea of nationalist and the encouragement for young people to pursue their dreams.

Mr. Regenvanu said during their time they were taught and educated to be leaders for their community, but there was nothing about becoming a pilot or any other field.

His response to self-reliance is for citizens of Vanuatu to struggle and acquire tools to contribute to their nation first in a meaningful way.

The one time former Vanuatu Deputy Prime Minister and first ni-Vanuatu Pacific Theological College graduate concluded saying he was proud to be part of the struggle to achieve Independence because it was not given for free.

The new books are available at the bookshop at Laucala Campus, Suva.

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