Passport booklets out of stock

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has advised that passport booklets are out of stock.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat said his office is taking immediate action to address the issue.

"We understand there are many citizens traveling in the near future so we have made certain arrangements until our new stock arrives," he conveyed via a press statement.

"The Passport office will issue a Certificate of Identity (CI) for anyone wishing to travel this time onward and are without passport or have an expired passport.

"Students who are preparing to travel for studies in countries such as Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, PNG and Tonga will have a CI issued by the passport office for use but will have to make sure to complete an application form for a new passport."

Minister Napuat said that once the new stock arrives the department responsible will send new passports to the embassies in each of these countries and students can collect their passports.

"Students are encouraged to have a contact of the Passport office to keep track of their passports applications," he said.

"Passports that are going to be expired in the next six months and their holders are going to travel within these months must notify the office of the exact date of travel so they can be issued with an official note that the holder can travel for now with that passport.

"Students with passports that will also expire in the next six months will travel with this document from the department but will have to lodge another application for a new passport so when the stock arrives, the office will send them to the respective embassies for collection."

Mr Napuat reiterated that the Vanuatu Immigration Department will advise all borders around the region on the passport issue and also inform them on the issuance of CIs.

"The Immigration Department will request an allowance for citizens whose passports have less than six months left before the expiry date," he concluded.

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