Parts of a service bus were removed and stolen from the bus which was seized during a joint operation in June, leaving the bus nonfunctional.

Service bus owner, Silas Tavo named the stolen parts as rocker shaft, rocker (four exhausts and four intakes) and eight adjustment screws.

He relayed to Daily Post that on June 30 when implementing the roadworthiness checks on vehicles by the Police and Municipal Wardens, he became a victim as he failed to have his driving license with him.

His bus was seized and detained at the Port Vila Municipality compound next to the cemetery.

He confirmed that his bus had gone through and passed the roadworthiness tests.

On July 11, he paid a fine of Vt10,000 before he could retrieve his vehicle.

Tavo said at the Municipal compound, his bus could not start.

He made several attempts to start the bus but to no avail, so he went out, got some young boys to the area to push the bus. The bus failed to start.

A mechanic was called to check his bus on the following day. That was when they noticed that some of the parts were removed.

An angry Tavo said he is aware that there are similar cases on seized vehicles that have been reported to police.

He said this incident has disturbed his service and he is planning to seek legal action against authorities responsible for failing to take good care of his vehicle.

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