Three fuel stations on Tanna

GM of Pacific Energy Neflon (right) confirmed the launching of three fuel launching on Tanna next month.

Seen in photo with the Minister of Energy Ham Lini during the first electronic fuel station on Malekula

By Anita Roberts

Three fuel service stations and a storage facility will be launched on Tanna next month.

This has been confirmed by General Manager (GM) of Pacific Energy, a subsidiary of the Pacific Petroleum Company, Nicolas Leflon.

This means fuel will become more accessible.

This is part of a project, which supports the national energy goal of reducing the cost of distributing petroleum products by 10% in 2020 and 15% in 2030.

After many years of operating in Vanuatu, the sole importer of petroleum, Pacific Petroleum Company is now delivering fuel in a more cheaper and convenient way to remote areas at the same time bringing down fuel prices and aligning it to the price in Port Vila and Santo.

Instead of shipping fuel drums, the company will be installing fuel stations on ground for retailers to store enough fuel to sell. Drivers will be filling trucks using a simple pump, which is considered more environment friendly.

This is a new thing for vehicle drivers on Tanna and Malekula, where Pacific Petroleum recently launched its first electronic fuel station.

This project is one of Pacific Petroleum’s large investment to improving fuel distribution to outer islands. It costs Vt150million to successfully deliver.

However, Pacific Petroleum is not carrying out the project for its own benefit. It has engaged the community, thus everyone benefits.

On Malekula, the project has engaged Dennilson Trading who has been retailing fuel for a long time. The local business no longer transports fuel from Santo and will benefit from huge savings.

The local business can choose to spend the savings on other community needs or expand business. Drivers enjoy low fuel prices.

On Tanna, the project will also be partnering with local businesses around the west.

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